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Juicing vs Blending

Juicing vs Blending – What’s the best way to drink!

April 25, 2018 | No Comments

If you – like us – love to drink your food, there are two ways to go about it: blending or juicing. You’ve probably already tried both and most likely, liked them both. They’re both excellent methods of drinking your raw, fresh nutrition and each has their perks and drawbacks.

Remember that these two methods aren’t mutually exclusive – getting your nutrition through both is much more holistic than sticking to just one option. Used together, fresh juices and smoothies sort of balance each other out, with one filling in the blanks that the other one misses.

Blending is all about what your fruit or the vegetable is full of; it stocks up on everything from the pulp to the fibers, nothing is left out. You’ll get your complete nutrition out of it, WHEREAS;
Juicing flushes all those fibers and pulp out and brings out a beautiful juice, which adaptively is liquid of the fruit or the vegetable.

Juicers extract, Blenders deconstruct!

For juices, the lack of fiber makes it incredibly easy to consume vast amounts of fresh fruits and vegetable in one go. This is beneficial when you’re drinking vegetables that are low in calories and sugar but can quickly exceed your recommended sugar does when you juice fruit.

Powerful blenders break fiber at the cellular levels, which releases the phytochemicals that were bound up in it. Blending is especially impressive if rigorous chewing is not your forte and you don’t usually take the time to extract all this goodness from your fruits and veggies. The heat that comes from the motor can go up and destroy the nutrient. That is why some of people include ice cubes or frozen fruits when making a smoothie. All you need is a blender for frozen fruit smoothies.

Also, the fact that smoothies still have all their fiber intact makes them filling – which means you will probably become too full to drink your way to sugary excess. The thread also releases the sugars slowly, making it easier for your bodies to process and absorb the sugar.

Tip: When you want to drink your fruit, smoothies are the way to go.

One is more comfortable to digest than the other. Blenders chew your food for you before you get to it, which is why smoothies are more comfortable to digest than actual food.
Juices, however, require pretty much no digestion. And this is, in our opinion, the main benefit of juicing over blending.

Fresh vegetable juices give your body heaps of essential nutrients and enzymes named cellulase, while allowing the body to take a break from digestion. Removing the fiber from the picture means that you can flood your body with nutritious goodness fast and easy – thus giving yourself a boost of energy – without the digestive processes that weigh and slow you down.

Tip: Opt for a glass of fresh and healthy juice first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. It provides a boost of nutrition and a burst of energy for a conquer the world kind of morning.
Concluding of what we observed so far, let us take into consideration the benefits of both


Can quickly consume vast amounts of veggies

  • Practically no digestion necessary
  • Nutrients in juices hit the bloodstream pretty much immediately (10 – 15 minutes)
  • Makes it easy to drink vegetables you might not yet be comfortable with (like the super powerful greens for hardcore juicers)
  • Produces leftover pulp you can do fun stuff with!

This one is more personal, but it’s been true for us as well as with other juicers we know: the results from juicing come faster. By this, we’re referring broadly to vegetable juices and specifically to green juices.With sauces, you can see your skin start to glow and feel a sort of lightness and energy in your body – and it all happens reasonably quickly.


  • Retains fiber, which is excellent for your body
  • The fiber content allows a slower release of sugar, so if you’re going to drink fruits – opt for the blender
  • The fiber also fills you up – high for a quick meal replacement

The best thing about blending, in our opinion, is all the fun and healthy stuff you can add to it – spirulina, bee pollen, and heaps of other must-have superfood supplements! This one refers to machinery: it is much easier to clean and maintain a blender. We’ll drink to that.

As you can see both blenders and juicers have their place in the kitchen, with one filling in the blanks that the other misses. That’s why we don’t advocate them as being mutually exclusive they’re very complementary devices. And it’s easy to get both their benefits, even on the same machine since there are great juicers that blend, too!

When it comes to your health, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Listen to your body and what it’s asking for, and you will feel energized in your body and your mind.
And remember to keep this list of comparison of juicing vs. blending handy the next time you’re deciding between a smoothie or juice.

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What Camera to Use for Vlogging

Basic Tips : How to Find Camera to Use for Vlogging

May 6, 2018 | No Comments

Creating a vlog on YouTube is one of the most popular ways of self-existence nowadays. Some of them also use it to earn additional income. Vlogs have been a trend of young people today as a means of self-existence and increased the number of subscribers.

In order to make good content and look like a professional, you need to know what to look for to make a vlog. Of course, you need the right equipment to encourage your steps. The first thing you need to start a vlogging channel is only an excellent camera and a decent microphone.

How to find the right vlogging camera? Here I give you some tips to help you find the answer.

What Camera to Use for Vlogging

In this session, I will tell you about everything that you should look for and things that you shouldn’t care about in choosing the right vlogging camera for you. Remember these three main things that you don’t need to care about, and they are zoom, flash, and megapixels. Maybe they are necessary for photography, but not for video. So, don’t waste your time to think about them.

What should you look for?

• Low Light Performance

It’s probably that you cannot controlling lighting. This means that your camera which is used to record at the promised quality will need to have good performance in low light.
What do i need to get a good performance in low light?

  • A good quality lens which has a wide aperture will capture more light.
  • Try to check the amount of noise at higher ISO, the higher the ISO number, the more likely the camera will show noise.
  • Compare the sensor size, the bigger the sensor size is, the more light the camera captures.
  • You can find best digital slr camera for beginners with have good light performance.

• Optical Image Stabilization

Surely, you need a camera with OIS for vlogging. This feature allows you to record while moving around. If your camera doesn’t have OIS, the picture that you capture will be shaky.
Also, the following features that aren’t vital, but they do help a lot for vlogging:

  • Flip screen

This feature allows you to take a record of your own self, and most vloggers will involve this kind of recording.

  •  Wi-Fi

By using Wi-Fi, you will be able to set your camera on your smartphone. Also, you can upload the video to YouTube without cable.

  • Microphone input

It’s an additional feature that makes your camera perfect.

  • Location of the microphone

A front-facing camera mic is optimal for vlogging.

Well, after you know about the things that you should look for, now you need to answer these question to make a final decision in choosing the right camera for you.

  • What kind of content do I want to create?
    In choosing the right camera for vlogging cannot be separated from what kind of content you want to create, it’s ideal to know what type the material do you want to create before you pick up the best wireless camera.
  • Where will I record my video? It’s necessary to know where you will spend a lot of time for recording. Because you need to consider to bring all of the equipment. If you used to record in long distance, it’s better to choose a handy camera.
  • What is my budget? How much money you can spend to buy this equipment will also determine the quality and features you will get.
  • What kind of camera do I want? Some people don’t like to record with a compact camera because they don’t have the best grip when holding them for extended times. But, some others don’t want a camcorder because they want to take good pictures with their camera. So, I think you should know the real disadvantages of each kind before deciding the type.

You are almost done here if you can answer all of the questions. The next step, let see, how do YouTubers make money and how much do YouTubers make. As I tell you above that some of the vlogger getting additional income from their vlog.

How do YouTubers Make Money?

Have you ever wondered how YouTube video makers get paid? YouTubers typically work from home, and some make their entire livelihood producing content. While it’s a dream for many people, but it’s also a challenging and often unsteady way to make a living.
If you’re interested in starting a career on YouTube, these are crucial points for anyone looking to build enough of a following to make money. Here’s everything you need to know about making money on YouTube.

  1. Put Ads at The Beginning of Videos, You will get money from 30 seconds advertisement before your video show, as long as they aren’t using Ad Block. YouTube count the revenue they make from ads and then splits that profit with you. This thirty seconds of the advertisement make you earn money.
  2. Get Sponsor for Your Video, However, they are usually offering to the more important channels, but don’t worry maybe you will be lucky. An advertiser will pay you to make a video about their product.
  3. Use Patreon. Patreon lets you receive donations from fans, and offer the fans rewards in return. The site will take 10 percent from the contributions, and you get the rest. Most YouTubers make more money through Patreon.

How Much do YouTubers Make?

  • It also depends on how many of your viewers that use Ad Block
  • How much you get paid depends on, how many viewers per video and how many subscribers you have. You will get about $1,50 of revenue for 1,000 views.
  • The last, it depends on how many sponsored videos you make. It also depends on how much the client is paying. Some advertisers will also pay a fee based on how many people click through to their website, or just how many people watched the video.

Now, you can start to make your vlog channel and get additional income if you want.

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Best Foods for Energy

8 Best Foods for Energy and Improve Your Moods

April 24, 2018 | No Comments

Superfoods can make your day. They are rich in nutrients and integrates well with most of the body systems. If you can make superfoods as part of your diet on a daily basis, I can guarantee you that you’ll always stay healthy, energetic and happy.

So what are superfoods (Best Foods for Energy) ?

Probably you’re not eating superfood because you are unaware of what they are. Alternatively, you might be eating some of them without necessarily knowing that you do.
So let me first try to expound on what superfoods are. These are the types of foods that contain a high amount of minerals, nutrients phytonutrients, vitamins and electrolytes among many others.
In other words, we can describe them as foods that contain all essential elements ideal for enhancing the health and performance of your body.

Most of the superfoods also contain calories albeit in small quantity that would be insignificant to the functions of the body. Superfoods are also vital in ensuring that your body stays away from the foreign infectious attacks that occur from time to time.

Furthermore, they also help in enhancing your overall mood so that you find yourself always in a jovial mood all the time.

Types of Foods for Energy and Enhancing Mood

If you didn’t know, your attitude is significantly determined by the kind of foods that you often eat. If you always have a poor diet, you’ll realize that you get irritated even by insignificant happenings within your surroundings.

Let us look some of the superfoods that play an essential role in improving your state of mind and at the same time providing you with the necessary energy.

1. Maca powder

This superfood originated in Peru. It is derived from a root of a particular tree, but it comes available in powdery form after being dried.
Maca powder is essential in balancing the hormones and also enhances fertility in men as relieving adverse menopause symptoms in women.
Maca powder is also essential in reducing the levels of stress and even improving stamina in the body.

2. Pure, organic raw cocoa

You ought to know that cocoa is one of the most real superfoods around. This, however, should not be confused with the refined, packaged cocoa that you find on the shelves.
The type that I am talking about is the original, raw and pure cocoa. Most preferably, the beans always give best results albeit being relatively bitter.
Cocoa is ideal for your health given that it helps significantly in losing weight also gives you relatively more energy.
It contains anti-oxidants, zinc, manganese, Vitamin C, iron and copper among other essential elements ideal for your body.
Cocoa is also efficient in producing serotonin which plays a vital role in reducing anxiety hence improving your overall mood and productivity.

3. Chia seed

Many people often disregard chia seed for they do not know the particular type of role it plays in the body.
These seeds contain natural proteins, potassium, fiber, iron, amino acids and phosphorous among others. When preparing your smoothie, you only need to add a tablespoon of chia seeds, and that would be enough.
The result is that it will boost your energy which is vital in making sure that you stay healthy, productive and upbeat.

4. Coconut (water, pulp, oil, and butter)

Coconut can be consumed in numerous ways given that it gives you its liquid, paste, oil as well as butter. So in the end, it is upon you to choose the particular ingredient that you deem suitable for that specific meal you’re preparing.
Coconut contains kinetin element which is essential in making your skin glowing and young all the time, which also helps in energizing your body.
Coconut butter and oil are rich in healthy saturated fats which are ideally essential for the body.

5. Spirulina

If you didn’t know, spirulina refers to a particular blue-green alga, which often grows in lakes that happen to be alkaline.
65% of this specific plant is made of proteins which are estimated to be more than what it is contained in fish, poultry, and meat.
Spirulina also contains chlorophyll, iron, and antioxidants not forgetting the vital omega acids. It is essential for building energy and strength primarily when you are always engaged in relatively demanding tasks.
It also helps in improving the digestive system of the body
Spirulina also works well with people who have digestive problems, because it helps the absorption of nutrients by the body.

6. Goji berries

These types of beans are mostly available in America and Asia. Before you get them, they must be dried. This berry is very nutritious and rich in amino acids, protein and vitamins, and antioxidants.
All these elements are vital in improving the condition of the skin and protecting it from aging. You can include these ingredients when blending your smoothie such that it makes it relatively easy for you to stay energetic and happy.

7. Hemp seed and hemp oil

This product provides one of the rarest sources of abundant proteins. Hemp contains sufficient enzymes hence producing the necessary energy.
One significant element of this particular superfood is that it enhances your immune system such that it becomes relatively easy for you to fight different infections.
It also helps in balancing the hormones and provides a balanced ratio of amino acid, minerals, potassium, phosphorous and calcium among others.
The best way of eating this superfood is by sprinkling the seeds over your breakfast, smoothies or even salads.

8. Flaxseed and flaxseed oil

Flaxseed and its oil also offer essential fatty acids to your body. The fatty acids are vital because they enable you to stay healthy and productive in whatever you’re doing.
The only problem is that people like doing some things in excess just like taking the fatty acids in the residue, which is never recommended.

However, should you take it in moderation, I can assure you that you can be one of the happiest people alive as far as your health is concerned.
Superfoods are in abundance on the market. All you need to know is the right type that contains the particular ingredients ideal for your health.

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How to Plan a Cheap Wedding

How to Plan a Cheap Wedding Without Stress

March 20, 2018 | No Comments

A wedding day is a precious moment for bride and groom. It’s only one forever. That’s why most of the couple making the best effort in preparation for their wedding day. There are so many things to prepare carefully to make the day going smoothly. Because of that matter, sometimes arguments arise between the couple. Some of them will be stress in taking care of all wedding preparation, feel moody, loss of weight, loss of taste; they can’t get good sleep and many more. Why is it so hard? Your wedding is exciting, but it’s also stressful. You don’t need to be stress anymore in preparation for your wedding if you find these tips.

Taking care of all wedding preparation is must be a pleasure. These are five ways to keep your sanity while planning a wedding.

1. Take about Five Minutes Every Day for some ‘Lite Yoga.’

Yoga is one of the most popular exercises recently. Yoga is known as meditation exercise which good for burn more calories. Yoga is an exercise of body and mind. It has a lot of benefits for health. It’s not only good for the health of your body but also help you to control anxiety and keep your sanity. Send out kind of thoughts to someone you love deeply, someone who is having a conflict or emotional difficulty with you. “While you are trying to accommodate everyone else needs, remember to also take care of yourself,” said Catherine. Try this ‘Lite Yoga’ exercise to refresh your body and mind and also control your stress while planning a wedding.

2. Ask a friend to be a Cell Phone Wrangler on the Day

You can’t hold everything in your hands; you need a friend to help you. Of course, you have family and friends in another cities or countries who want to come on your big day and then share their happiness and joy with the new couple. But some of them may be stuck at the airport or lost the way to the ceremony site; they need someone to help. Like California-based wedding planner, Melody Walker says “Guest doesn’t want to bother the bride while she’s getting her hair done.” She adds, “Ask your wedding planner or one of your bridesmaids to field last-minute text and call.” It’s necessary to make a meeting with your wedding planner or your bridesmaids a day before the day to make sure everything for tomorrow is ready, and they know their jobs. Well, everything is okay! You can stay focused and calm on your big day.

3. It’s not Bad to Hear some Stories of Wedding Disasters

Even everything is prepared so perfectly; not a little have a wedding disaster. Ask your friends, or your family, or your parents or grandparents to share stories of their wedding disasters. Have you ever heard about flowers of girl brawled with the ring bearer? How about a bride who is tripped halfway down the aisle? Oh no, I wish I don’t have like that. But, everyone has a tale to tell, because something tends to go wrong at nearly every wedding. It’s not always bad; these little mishaps make a memory you will share with your grandchildren someday and listening to these jokes help you to keep your sense of humor and relax your minds.

4. Flashback on the Time When You Started Dating

Do you remember when the last time you say ‘I Love You ‘to your fiance? And this day, do you miss that word? Do you remember how you fell in love? Yes, sometimes we forget to remember this sweet memory, forget to say ‘I Love You’ today, because of all busyness.
Remembering the way you fell in love, the first time you have a date, and the dream about the future, re-read the messages that you and your fiance sent each other, it’s too sweet. You’ll find the love like the first time again and while you are at it, send him a little note of appreciation to remind that you are so excited to be his bride. Say ‘I Love you’ today, and it can bring a new power for both of you to face your wedding.

5. Consider to Spend a Night Before the Wedding at a Hotel Nearby

All of the preparation is well done, and now you feel so tired, but you must be ready with full of smile and energy to your big day tomorrow. Take a one night at a hotel near the venue at the last night before the wedding day, and it gives you a chance to have some much needed alone time in the morning before the ceremony. Then, you can hop into a bubble bath with a book. Wow, you must be so excited for this. It will make the upcoming celebration that much sweeter.

Those are the tips and tricks to avoid stress while planning a wedding. It’s not hard like everyone says if you find that ways. Also, you can also load up your iPod with a wedding countdown playlist and wine down with your best friends to give you more energy.

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