2 thoughts on “Chocolate Cosmos, Agapanthas and the sweet buzz of bees———–

  1. I received so many compliments on our wedding, and a lot of the credit belongs to Ms. Ali Barone. She was such a pleasure to work with. After sharing some photos of flowers and chuppa pictures, Ali effortlessly came up with some beautiful designs. The chuppa was gorgeous, made of birch poles with wrapped grapevine and flowers, topped with a beautiful lace canopy.
    The center pieces were the essence of summer. The palette was pink, greens, and white flowers. Ali added chocolate cosmos, lambs ears, and Irish bells as unexpected interest. Everyone was amazed at the unique displays.
    My favorite touch was the surprise name cards, after hearing my husband & I were making a donation to the Honey bee foundation, Ali found an vintage print to use for our name cards. Such a lovely, personal touch. She made me feel completely relaxed with the whole process, and oversaw every detail. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Everything was so beautiful.
    Thank you Ali!

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