Vacation Inspirations!

The summer time is for many people the perfect time to kick back, relax and get away from it all. Which is exactly what I just did. I love New England this time of year and enjoyed the Maine coastline as well as the NH lake region for one very relaxing week. It was beautiful. Reconnecting with nature tends to be high on every body’s wish list and a chance to  decompress from the daily grind. For many people that nature comes in the form of  sand and surf. Multicolored seashells, the smell of salt in the air and the sound of crashing waves set the tone. No need for stilettos… flip flops rein supreme! For others it may be all about the  lake and mountains. Birds and branches, colorful wildflowers, fresh green grass, natural stones and smokey camp fires. Whatever it is don’t be afraid to incorporate the elements of nature we love so much. They will evoke a feeling and mood you are sure to enjoy on your big day!

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