Hello, it’s me Ali Barone the NY Wedding Maven….

We are going through some transitions (it’s my favorite word these days)…changes and tweaks that will  help make this site the best it can be. Most importantly the addition of the vendors and venues section we are currently working on. I love designing events and have had the opportunity of creating and producing them with some of the absolute best in the NY Metropolitan area. The experience I have gained working on over 400 parties has been an incredible learning experience and gift that I try not to ever take for granted.That’s actually what first got me inspired to start this blog in the first place. I wanted to share that knowledge and information not only with my Ali Barone Events clients but with anyone whose interested by creating a very well edited site where people can visit and know that not only these vendors and venues are great and  have excellent reputations but that I PERSONALLY have worked with them. In doing so I have experienced the level of, service, professionalism and success I expect at each and every event with my own clients. It’s a VERY large sea of fish out there in the NY Metro area. I PROMISE I will help you hook the best of the best!

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