Coral Charm Peony Centerpiece Idea

Coral Charm Peony are one of my absolute favorite flowers to design with and I have used them often. They are a true coral color and work so well with blues, greens and soft tone on tone shades of blush, & peach. I love this simple idea that anyone can do! It’s a perfect example of how a simple cut flower can be transformed when clustered together in bud vases and trimmed with ribbon, lace or greenery. Great for a wedding, bridal shower or even a dinner party!  

A Modern Take on Tulips

Tulips have always been one of my favorite flowers to design with. They can easily be arranged to feel crisp and classic or sleek and modern. They are a simple beauty with their graceful form and work well alone or mixed with other flowers. Great quality tulips are usually readily available in the Northeast from February through the end of April. Last year I designed a centerpiece for a Bar Mitzvah client at NY’s Espace. I combined two different style tulips with elegant orchids and square vases to create this beautiful look. 

A Rich And Regal Wedding At The Florentine Gardens

I have had the pleasure and good fortune of working with event designer Klavdiya Solovyev at Diana Gould Ltd. for many years now. Her flare for layering color and texture with just the right amount of subtlety has become her  signature style that I just can’t get enough of. When she sent me these photos of a recent wedding she did I just couldn’t get enough of them. They are simply stunning! She used deep purple and  fuchsia orchids, hydrangea, roses, calla lilies and snap dragon all styled in various glass vases with crystal accents at the base throughout the room to create an exciting yet elegant look. All is complimented beautifully by the wash of purple uplighting to highlight the rooms architectural detail. What do you think of this look?

Is Having A Wedding Lounge Right For You?

Over the past 2 to 3 years it has become increasing popular to incorporate lounge style decor into a wedding reception layout. I have counseled many of my clients on this issue and thought I would share with you some deciding factors I use to see if it’s right for my clients. Here are a few things to consider to help you decide whether or not a lounge is right for you.


1. Know Your Guests– Are you anticipating a party crowd or a more reserved and low key group of revelers. Would you say more than 40% of your guests actively go out  to clubs, lounges and high end restaurants. If your answer is yes than you will most likely have guests who will enjoy and appreciate the added touch and investment. If not you may want to think about whether or not to utilize the money you would spend on the lounge in another area that would give you more bang for your buck. More elaborate centerpieces, up-lighting throughout the room or a late night comfort station of edible goodies and warm beverages for departing guests might be a wiser way to spend your money while still providing an added touch of class.

2. Location, Location, Location– If you do not want to loose half of your “fun crowd” to the cool lounge set up you will want to make sure the lounge is ideally between two things, the bar and the dance floor! If you put it out in an adjoining room or all the way in Siberia ( ya know…that dark, far corner of the room where the waiters usually stand ) you run the risk of  nobody using it or loosing substantial groups of people for long periods of time. Keep the party people together!

3. Is There Room? To create a lounge that really looks and feels the part you are going to want to include at least 2 sleek sofas, 1-2 coffee tables and 2-4 end tables so guests can comfortably rest their glasses and plates. Adding 2 to 3 highboys tables is also a nice touch that guests appreciate and will put to good use. That being said there should be plenty of room for guests to move in and around the lounge area and hop onto the dance floor at a moments notice!

4. What’s Your Budget–  Adding on a lounge can be a nice touch but it is an additional expense that is often well over $1000. That being said it should be factored in only if you are comfortable in all of your major areas. If you are scrimping in a key area to make concessions I would seriously rethink your choice. Guests go to a wedding and expect to see and experience a beautiful ceremony, great food & drink, lovely decor and music that moves them. Anything beyond that is the icing on the cake! So make sure you have all your bases well covered first.

5. Personalize the SpaceIf you are all set on a lounge and know it’s the perfect addition to your wedding than talk with your party planner or decorator about personalizing the space so that it reflects you and your wedding style. Having a textured, soft area rug or custom pillows made with your new monogram can be a great way to add your stamp on the rented furniture as well as provide a keepsake for your new life and home together. Incorporating the colors of your wedding into simple side table arrangements and adding votive candles will give a warm and inviting feel to the lounge area as well.