Bird Cage Veils

Bird Cage Veils are trending in a big way this year. Pair them with a simple silhouette such as a sheath, column,  trumpet or tea length style gown. Top it off with a vintage brooch bouquet and delicate platinum or pearl jewelry for instant retro glam!!!

Wedding Speech Do’s and Dont’s by Ali Barone

Do- take it seriously. If the bride or groom thought highly enough of you to be an important part of their wedding and deliver a speech in their honor ….return the favor and give it your time and attention.
Do make it personal but Don’t make it about you.- share a couple of heartfelt or funny experiences that you have shared with the happy couple over the years. Guest love to visualize the connection and share a collective chuckle or sigh. But don’t go into a long drawn out dissertation on your relationship with them, how you met, or even worse…how they “were” your best friend but now belong to each other. Nobody want’s to sense resentment…..Ugh!
Don’t say too much! Guess what? Sharing that story about how you met, and that time she held your hair back when you were puking in college or he bailed you out of jail after a bar brawl is TMI !!!!!
Which brings me to DO rehearse…..Don’t be afraid to write it out and do a couple of dry runs with a trusted friend or family member. NOT your mom who thinks the sun rises and sets in all that you do or say-lol! Pick a person whom you think is a good communicator and ask them to be your audience. At least if it sucks….you’ll know in advance and have time to tweak it before the big day.
Do try to relax, take a few deep breaths… but Do’t do so with shots of Patron in preparation for the toast. Nothing says  embarrassing more than an intoxicated, slurred delivery.
Do speak from the heart and know it’s okay if you are a person of few words. Being sincere & authentic goes along way and the bride and groom will appreciate you not trying to be someone you are not. Keeping it kind, short and sweet is always classic!

Spring Wedding Flowers We Love

I thought I would share with you a list of Spring flowers that are generally available and in season to help all you with your floral planning.

Anemone * Blue, red, pink, white * Jan-May and Aug-Dec.
Bells of Ireland * Green * January-October




Boronia * Pink * April-May





Casa Blanca Lily * White * January-October




Daffodil * Yellow * January-Early May





Delphinium * White, Blue * April- October

Hyacinth * Purple, Pink or White- Feb-April

Lilacs * Violet or White- end of May- early June

Narcissus * White – January- April

Peony * pink, blush,coral, fuschia, white  * Late Spring – Early Summer

Ranunculus * white, pink, red, orange and yellow * February-May


Lily * Pink ,White, Orange, Yellow * January-October

Sweetpea * white, pink, red/coral, and lavender/purple * December-May




Tulip * Many colors, including white, pink, yellow, red, and purple  January-April   




Waxflower * pinky purple and white

The Art of the Almond

For years brides from all over the world have given classic Almond favors to their guests as a token of their appreciation.

For good luck, tradition holds that for an event favor, the total
number of confections given to guests must be uneven. Historically,
five is the number of wishes that have been bestowed.



Les Cinq Amandes carries the absolute best tasting, and colorful collection I have ever seen. From bold hues to soft pastels….18 color palettes in all! A wide variety of flavors, custom packaging and personally hand picked almonds from the growers in Sicily make this company one of my favorites for quality and craftsmanship. They are well worth checking out.

Sumptuous Chupa

Where to begin? Is it the layers of soft, sheer tulle netting, or full orchid, hydrangea and rose tie backs? No wait…maybe it’s the opulent chandeliers and aisle of rose petals. Whatever it is….this chupa had me saying “I do” all over again 🙂

Terrific Clear Top Tents

Over the years I have had the privilege and honor of designing and decorating many tent weddings. The thrill is like no other because you are literally starting with a blank canvas each and even time. All white, bare and just begging to to dressed up with beautiful linens, floral and lighting. But every once in a while someone will see the beauty in a clear topped tent. Why are they so different? Three words… Light, Reflective, Quality.

The clear top allows for beautiful sunlight, moonlight or bright stars to shine through on a clear day/night, string lights strung from the ceiling to look like diamonds and candle lit lanterns to bask beautifully in their own reflections. A clear top tent reflects and bounces the light for a shimmering, magical reflective quality. Are you a bride hoping to have a tent wedding but not so sure you will be washing the ceiling with colored up lights or a gobo light pattern? If so than check out these inspirational pictures of clear top tents!

A Patterned Bridesmaid’s Dress?

I found this one day while I was researching on the Internet for a completely different topic and was instantly smitten yet confused. I never had been attracted to patterned bridesmaid’s dresses historically speaking. Occasionally, I would like a delicate floral, or soft ombre but geometric…not so much. But these dresses changed my mind in a big way. I love the colors, texture and pattern. They are just right for a vibrant Spring/Summer wedding and the colors couldn‘t be more on trend!