Terrific Clear Top Tents

Over the years I have had the privilege and honor of designing and decorating many tent weddings. The thrill is like no other because you are literally starting with a blank canvas each and even time. All white, bare and just begging to to dressed up with beautiful linens, floral and lighting. But every once in a while someone will see the beauty in a clear topped tent. Why are they so different? Three words… Light, Reflective, Quality.

The clear top allows for beautiful sunlight, moonlight or bright stars to shine through on a clear day/night, string lights strung from the ceiling to look like diamonds and candle lit lanterns to bask beautifully in their own reflections. A clear top tent reflects and bounces the light for a shimmering, magical reflective quality. Are you a bride hoping to have a tent wedding but not so sure you will be washing the ceiling with colored up lights or a gobo light pattern? If so than check out these inspirational pictures of clear top tents!

2 thoughts on “Terrific Clear Top Tents

  1. i am looking for a clear tent to seat 275-350 people in oklahoma city and was wondering if u could help me find one

    I am looking for a clear tent for a wedding of 275-350 people in okc and was wondering if u could help me find one

  2. I would try calling your local party rental companies. Most tent rental companies have a variety of tenting options. Good Luck!

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