DIY Ceremony Decor

So often I hear my brides say that they are doing nothing, or haven’t given much thought to the ceremony because it will only be 30 min. But in this ( very important )30 minutes two lives are pledging to become one through love and commitment for a lifetime. That alone is pretty special and worth a little extra attention in my opinion! ┬áThe problem is without doing a little something some areas designated for a ceremony often do not feel like “dedicated spaces” to me. They do not “fee” like the bride and groom or reflect what they are all about. So I have attached a few examples of how doing just a littler something…nothing crazy, nothing that will break the bank…but SOMETHING unique can transform the space and really make it feel special. Lanterns, potted plants, garden urns filled with evergreens, collected mason jars, seasonal blooms and ribbons & streamers are just a few of the inexpensive items you can use to give your ceremony that person touch.

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