If Flowers Could Talk…

Hyacinths practically shout out “SPRING IS HERE!” and what better way to welcome guests to your spring wedding than by greeting them like that? Hyacinths are also great because they are so versatile in color and easy to arrange in bouquets and decor.  They work design wonders paired with other spring bulbs or are equally as breathtaking by themselves.

This bouquet of hyacinths, roses, and tulips plays with lovely pinks and purples.


Or maybe you prefer a more simple bouquet such as this elegant all-white arrangement.

(Butterfly Philosophy Floral Design)

Similar hyacinth decor can be done for your tables…

Adding many different bunches will make your tables pop with color!

 (Lamberdebie Flowers)

Or a more soothing color combo like this light lavender and soft green is super chic.


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