How to Plan a Cheap Wedding Without Stress

How to Plan a Cheap Wedding

A wedding day is a precious moment for bride and groom. It’s only one forever. That’s why most of the couple making the best effort in preparation for their wedding day. There are so many things to prepare carefully to make the day going smoothly. Because of that matter, sometimes arguments arise between the couple. Some of them will be stress in taking care of all wedding preparation, feel moody, loss of weight, loss of taste; they can’t get good sleep and many more. Why is it so hard? Your wedding is exciting, but it’s also stressful. You don’t need to be stress anymore in preparation for your wedding if you find these tips.

Taking care of all wedding preparation is must be a pleasure. These are five ways to keep your sanity while planning a wedding.

1. Take about Five Minutes Every Day for some ‘Lite Yoga.’

Yoga is one of the most popular exercises recently. Yoga is known as meditation exercise which good for burn more calories. Yoga is an exercise of body and mind. It has a lot of benefits for health. It’s not only good for the health of your body but also help you to control anxiety and keep your sanity. Send out kind of thoughts to someone you love deeply, someone who is having a conflict or emotional difficulty with you. “While you are trying to accommodate everyone else needs, remember to also take care of yourself,” said Catherine. Try this ‘Lite Yoga’ exercise to refresh your body and mind and also control your stress while planning a wedding.

2. Ask a friend to be a Cell Phone Wrangler on the Day

You can’t hold everything in your hands; you need a friend to help you. Of course, you have family and friends in another cities or countries who want to come on your big day and then share their happiness and joy with the new couple. But some of them may be stuck at the airport or lost the way to the ceremony site; they need someone to help. Like California-based wedding planner, Melody Walker says “Guest doesn’t want to bother the bride while she’s getting her hair done.” She adds, “Ask your wedding planner or one of your bridesmaids to field last-minute text and call.” It’s necessary to make a meeting with your wedding planner or your bridesmaids a day before the day to make sure everything for tomorrow is ready, and they know their jobs. Well, everything is okay! You can stay focused and calm on your big day.

3. It’s not Bad to Hear some Stories of Wedding Disasters

Even everything is prepared so perfectly; not a little have a wedding disaster. Ask your friends, or your family, or your parents or grandparents to share stories of their wedding disasters. Have you ever heard about flowers of girl brawled with the ring bearer? How about a bride who is tripped halfway down the aisle? Oh no, I wish I don’t have like that. But, everyone has a tale to tell, because something tends to go wrong at nearly every wedding. It’s not always bad; these little mishaps make a memory you will share with your grandchildren someday and listening to these jokes help you to keep your sense of humor and relax your minds.

4. Flashback on the Time When You Started Dating

Do you remember when the last time you say ‘I Love You ‘to your fiance? And this day, do you miss that word? Do you remember how you fell in love? Yes, sometimes we forget to remember this sweet memory, forget to say ‘I Love You’ today, because of all busyness.
Remembering the way you fell in love, the first time you have a date, and the dream about the future, re-read the messages that you and your fiance sent each other, it’s too sweet. You’ll find the love like the first time again and while you are at it, send him a little note of appreciation to remind that you are so excited to be his bride. Say ‘I Love you’ today, and it can bring a new power for both of you to face your wedding.

5. Consider to Spend a Night Before the Wedding at a Hotel Nearby

All of the preparation is well done, and now you feel so tired, but you must be ready with full of smile and energy to your big day tomorrow. Take a one night at a hotel near the venue at the last night before the wedding day, and it gives you a chance to have some much needed alone time in the morning before the ceremony. Then, you can hop into a bubble bath with a book. Wow, you must be so excited for this. It will make the upcoming celebration that much sweeter.

Those are the tips and tricks to avoid stress while planning a wedding. It’s not hard like everyone says if you find that ways. Also, you can also load up your iPod with a wedding countdown playlist and wine down with your best friends to give you more energy.

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