Basic Tips : How to Find Camera to Use for Vlogging

What Camera to Use for Vlogging

Creating a vlog on YouTube is one of the most popular ways of self-existence nowadays. Some of them also use it to earn additional income. Vlogs have been a trend of young people today as a means of self-existence and increased the number of subscribers.

In order to make good content and look like a professional, you need to know what to look for to make a vlog. Of course, you need the right equipment to encourage your steps. The first thing you need to start a vlogging channel is only an excellent camera and a decent microphone.

How to find the right vlogging camera? Here I give you some tips to help you find the answer.

What Camera to Use for Vlogging

In this session, I will tell you about everything that you should look for and things that you shouldn’t care about in choosing the right vlogging camera for you. Remember these three main things that you don’t need to care about, and they are zoom, flash, and megapixels. Maybe they are necessary for photography, but not for video. So, don’t waste your time to think about them.

What should you look for?

• Low Light Performance

It’s probably that you cannot controlling lighting. This means that your camera which is used to record at the promised quality will need to have good performance in low light.
What do i need to get a good performance in low light?

  • A good quality lens which has a wide aperture will capture more light.
  • Try to check the amount of noise at higher ISO, the higher the ISO number, the more likely the camera will show noise.
  • Compare the sensor size, the bigger the sensor size is, the more light the camera captures.
  • You can find best digital slr camera for beginners with have good light performance.

• Optical Image Stabilization

Surely, you need a camera with OIS for vlogging. This feature allows you to record while moving around. If your camera doesn’t have OIS, the picture that you capture will be shaky.
Also, the following features that aren’t vital, but they do help a lot for vlogging:

  • Flip screen

This feature allows you to take a record of your own self, and most vloggers will involve this kind of recording.

  •  Wi-Fi

By using Wi-Fi, you will be able to set your camera on your smartphone. Also, you can upload the video to YouTube without cable.

  • Microphone input

It’s an additional feature that makes your camera perfect.

  • Location of the microphone

A front-facing camera mic is optimal for vlogging.

Well, after you know about the things that you should look for, now you need to answer these question to make a final decision in choosing the right camera for you.

  • What kind of content do I want to create?
    In choosing the right camera for vlogging cannot be separated from what kind of content you want to create, it’s ideal to know what type the material do you want to create before you pick up the best wireless camera.
  • Where will I record my video? It’s necessary to know where you will spend a lot of time for recording. Because you need to consider to bring all of the equipment. If you used to record in long distance, it’s better to choose a handy camera.
  • What is my budget? How much money you can spend to buy this equipment will also determine the quality and features you will get.
  • What kind of camera do I want? Some people don’t like to record with a compact camera because they don’t have the best grip when holding them for extended times. But, some others don’t want a camcorder because they want to take good pictures with their camera. So, I think you should know the real disadvantages of each kind before deciding the type.

You are almost done here if you can answer all of the questions. The next step, let see, how do YouTubers make money and how much do YouTubers make. As I tell you above that some of the vlogger getting additional income from their vlog.

How do YouTubers Make Money?

Have you ever wondered how YouTube video makers get paid? YouTubers typically work from home, and some make their entire livelihood producing content. While it’s a dream for many people, but it’s also a challenging and often unsteady way to make a living.
If you’re interested in starting a career on YouTube, these are crucial points for anyone looking to build enough of a following to make money. Here’s everything you need to know about making money on YouTube.

  1. Put Ads at The Beginning of Videos, You will get money from 30 seconds advertisement before your video show, as long as they aren’t using Ad Block. YouTube count the revenue they make from ads and then splits that profit with you. This thirty seconds of the advertisement make you earn money.
  2. Get Sponsor for Your Video, However, they are usually offering to the more important channels, but don’t worry maybe you will be lucky. An advertiser will pay you to make a video about their product.
  3. Use Patreon. Patreon lets you receive donations from fans, and offer the fans rewards in return. The site will take 10 percent from the contributions, and you get the rest. Most YouTubers make more money through Patreon.

How Much do YouTubers Make?

  • It also depends on how many of your viewers that use Ad Block
  • How much you get paid depends on, how many viewers per video and how many subscribers you have. You will get about $1,50 of revenue for 1,000 views.
  • The last, it depends on how many sponsored videos you make. It also depends on how much the client is paying. Some advertisers will also pay a fee based on how many people click through to their website, or just how many people watched the video.

Now, you can start to make your vlog channel and get additional income if you want.

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