Where To Find Inspiration For Your Wedding

Even the most creative people need some assistance when it comes to creating an event.  Ideas and party plans are created once they are inspired by something, and it could be anything!  If you’re stumped on where to start looking for your dream wedding let us help you discover different places to search for that planning mojo.



Fashion is an amazing place to look for colors and décor ideas. It’s perfect for trendy brides who want their wedding to be modern and in style.  This season trends include black and white, lace, and bold stripes.  All are perfectly suited for wedding inspirations, plus it’s a perfect excuse for window shopping or taking time to flip through the latest Vogue.


Pick your favorite season, or most beloved outdoor space and re-create it.  You can choose a winter wonderland, with crystals and a hot cocoa bar.  Think a cozy fall wedding with gold and crisp oranges, reminiscent of the leaves decorating  the ground.
You don’t need a specific season, if colorful peonies fill your imagination have them fill the up the centerpieces.  If an old willow tree makes you want a green and enchanted looking wedding straight out of a story book, go with it!  Nature offers so many gorgeous and creative ideas.

Famous Weddings

If you’re someone who needs more straight-forward wedding like inspiration then how about take a gander at some previous weddings? Celebrity weddings are the best for  this. Do you want a royal affair like the Prince and Duchess of Cambridge or maybe something country like honey boo-boo’s mom June…uhhhh okay we’re hoping you
stick to the first one.  However, that just proves the range of famous weddings you can chose from!


Hop in your private jet and see the world for inspiration… or for most of our budgets just spin the globe and place your finger.  Cities, towns, countries and even buildings can all serve as perfect inspirations for your dream wedding.  How about a romantic wedding that makes all your guests feel as if they’re strolling the streets of Paris?  Get married at a local vineyard for a Tuscan celebration. Throw a New York City wedding, whether
you can be there or not think the Plaza Hotel, horse drawn carriages, and sophisticated


Take a walk around a museum, a piece of art can inspire your weddings mood, or colors.  Perhaps  a statue of a Greek god makes you want a wedding fit for a goddess, I’m imagining pillars, ivory and lots of marble. If that’s not your style maybe Van Gough’s famous starry night gives you the perfect blue and yellow color theme.


You can find inspiration anyplace anywhere!  Keep your mind open and you’ll be amazed at what you may find.

A Valentine’s Day Wedding To Be Remembered

Have you ever thought about getting married on Valentine’s Day?

What could be more romantic than that? Valentine’s themed weddings can be so much fun, and there are so many different directions to go in!  You can have the beautiful and romantic wedding  you dream of without being surrounded by the typical hearts and cupids. I vow that no wedding will be the same!

If your idea of V-day is filled with images of pink how about this delicate and darling table setting below?

Or maybe the visions are of a vibrant passionate red, like these dramatic decorations of grand flower arrangements, rose petals on the floor, and lights draping the ceilings. Absolutely stunning!

Maybe you’re not a fan of the typical reds and pinks and want to choose something more daring and different.  These ideas from onewed.com show how you can take dark purples to create a dark and sultry vibe.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dreaming of a White Wedding

Yesterday we avoided the roaring blizzard by drifting off to a beautiful vision of a beach front wedding. Now that snow has landed and we’re all safely snuggled by the fire let’s embrace the beautiful white wonderland and talk about the weddings that welcome the snowflakes and winter setting.


Snowy, winter weddings are great for incorporating natural elements because there are so many ways to include decor from good ol’ mother nature.  Evergreen branches, rustic wood touches, and adorable pine cone bouquets create an enchanting atmosphere for guests while they sip hot cocoa and inhale the warming scents of winter.

These weddings are great for winter sport lovers or for those who simply appreciate the cozy feelings winter can bring. They can be created with elegance and sophistication or tailored to be quirky and fun. The decision is up to you!

Sparkling Manzanita Branch Centerpiece designed by Ali Barone

A Midwinter's Dream

So your wedding is in the dead of winter with few flowers in sight. Fear not! There are still many beautiful centerpiece options that can transform your tabletops into a snowy, midwinter’s dream. The inspiration for this centerpiece came straight from my picture window as I looked outside on a cold winter’s day. The bare branches outside my window were cover in ice and snow and the reflection of the sun had created a magical sparkle everywhere I looked. It truly was nature’s beauty at it’s best. When my client said to me she wanted it to feel “magical” I knew immediately she would love this look! This centerpiece was designed around a sparkling, silver Manzanita branch with mounds of snowy white hydrangea, hand wired orchid heads and whimsical snowflakes. The finishing touch came from the light reflecting hanging votives. The room glistened as the candlelight danced across the glimmering centerpieces. The best part is this look was achieved with just a few stems of white hydrangea and orchids!

Warm Winter Wedding Inspirations

This rustic, weathered, winter charmer was found on www.greenweddingshoes.blogspot.com.

Winter Inspirations

Winter's Charm

Winter weddings just might be my very favorite to design simply for the feeling they innately evoke. The silvery lambs ears and seeded eucalyptus provide the perfect background for the ivory roses and delicate yet whimsical black and white anemones. Sprigs of evergreens, weathered woods, and a palette of creams and white tend to evoke a warmer kind of winter feeling….just add the candlelight and insert romance!