Marjorie + Harley 5.22.11

My beautiful brides came to me with an open mind regarding the wedding colors, flowers and fonts. What they were dead set on was a cohesive, fun, and joyous feeling for their wedding day at the beautiful L’ Escale restaurant located in the Delamar Hotel in the in Greenwich, CT. High style was high on their list with  ivory cocktail length dresses with champagne and black sashes and bold bouquets of fuchsia roses and green cymbidium orchids. Beautiful organza overlays with celedon green underlays and lush, textured and colorful centerpieces of hydrangea, orchids, and  gloriosa lilies complete this festive, elegant look. Photography by Rebecca Weiss.


Finally….NY approves gay marraige. Let’s celebrate!!

Over the years I have had the pleasure of helping many gay couples design and plan their weddings (in CT) and commitment ceremonies in NY. All seemed deeply in love and truly committed to one another and their families just like any other couple with the intent to marry. I cannot tell you how happy I am that NY is now recognizing gay marriage as a true, binding and lawful union of two people who love one another and want to share their life together.




It’s about time!!