I Want Candy!

Did you know that June is “National Candy Month”? What better way to celebrate than having a candy themed wedding!? Here we have plenty of ideas that will help you create a candy-wonderland for your guests.

There is always the beloved candy bar where you can fill a table with sweet treats for guests to take home.  This candy bar was at a party by ABE featuring the party girl’s favorite candies!

LOVE this beautiful lollipop accented bouquet for the bride.

Set off the party right by greeting your guests with these lemon drop placement cards.


Have sweets ready to snack and sip on as soon as people sit down.

This candyland theme wedding by Martha Stewert Weddings is elegant and a perfect way to take on the theme without having a candy overload.

Have guests spin their own cotton candy. Delicious and fun!

No wedding would be complete without a cake, continue the theme with a candy decorated confection.

Finally, say your goodbyes in the sweetest way: with some yummy personalized treats.

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

When nursery rhymes and desperate wishes don’t stop the wet weather from pouring down on your wedding day, it’s time to embrace mother nature for whatever she brings.

But first, there are a couple of important tips to remember when you face the chance of rainy weather.  ALWAYS have a back up plan.  Have plan b’s for your location, your guests, your pictures, and whatever else that may have to be altered.  Don’t take chances. Buy those umbrellas and tents so no one has to run around making last minute plans the day of.  Another important thing is to make the decision early on.  It can be a hard decision to make but your vendors need the time to make the day just as perfect as it would be without the weather change.  Trust your vendors’ advice, they’ve done this before!

And our final advice… get excited! Maybe it won’t be the wedding you imagined, but there are so many ways to make a rainy wedding the wedding of your dreams.  And ABE is here to show you how…

Tents can be beautiful.  Lots of lights will make it glow and give you a fun party space.

Get some rain boots to keep dry in style.

Umbrellas! For you and your guests. Go with vintage white…

…or color to match your theme…

…or how about this gorgeous clear umbrella from Etsy.com with your new initials.

Finally, make it a photo op!



An Enchanted Wedding

Katie May

Some of us spend our childhood dreaming of our storybook wedding. Well, this story does not have to be fiction. Let your fairy tale come to life with these magical ideas for an “Enchanted Wedding”.

Shareen Vintage

Picturesque floral arrangements that incorporate branches and delicate flowers will have your guests feeling like they’re in an enchanted forest.

This DIY decor has a fun whimsical feel to it.

Countless draping lights will illuminate the night with a magical ambiance.

Serve dessert floating in jeweled colored ribbons to show off dazzling and delicious treats.

Oh My… Ombre Wedding!

Ombre is everywhere: runways, everyday fashion, hair color, and now in weddings. It’s such a fun and fashion forward way to play with color.  There are so many different ways to incorporate it into your big day, here are just a few of our favorites.

Different flower colors for decor or bouquets.

Try it with cake to please your taste buds and your eyes.Ombre is perfect for bridesmaids. (Kik Photography)

It’s also just as perfect for the bride! (100 Layer Cake)

Here Comes the Flower Girl All Dressed in… TUTUs!

The latest flower girl trends are big tulle tu-tu skirts.

They are absolutely adorable, charming, and make it look like tiny bubbly fairies are attending your big day. Plus you know the little ones love it just as much as you do!

Here are just some of the cutest ideas I’ve seen around!

You can go for the traditional white:.

(YoungHeartsBotique on Etsy)

 Or have it match your bridesmaid dresses

(PrincessDreamsTutus on Etsy)

(bbabyangel on Etsy)

You can go for simple

(Sweet Flower Girl Tutu on Etsy)

Or have the skirt be as full as you want. Tulle can be your friend!

Something Blue That’s New

Brides have heard this saying a million times before and every bride is different with what items they choose to represent each category of this timeless tradition. Since the Victorian era, brides were told that by incorporating something from each group into their wedding day attire they would bring good luck and success to their marriage.  Wearing something blue dates back to ancient times when the color was said to symbolize faithfulness, purity and loyalty.  Modern brides love to be unique and stand out from the rest, after all it is their big day.  So why not change up the status quo and chose something different than the typical blue garter belt?

My favorite on trend idea? Blue nail polish! Manicures are becoming a crucial part of the fashion world. These days leaving the house without a fresh bold color on your nails is like leaving without your purse!  Nails are taking over the runways and red carpets.  With fun patterns, colors, and even textures there are so many different possibilities to choose from.

When choosing to go blue for your wedding day you can go bold or subtle with this trend.  If you don’t want the blue to clash with the other colors in your wedding go for a delicate blue decal or just one blue nail on your ring fingers.  You can also wear blue on your feet for a fun and simple pop of the color.  But if you’re feeling daring go full out and show off a gorgeous Tiffany, a deep navy, or a vibrant pattern on your fingers for all to see!