Trend Tuesday: Refined Woodland Fantasy


Woodland Fantasy

Trend Alert: Want to feel the earthy vibes of a woodland themed wedding!? It’s Easy! It’s all about earth tones and mixing and matching decor and natural textures. The use of farm tables and unpolished woods, burlap, vintage glass, textured wild flowers, floral hair wreaths and loose bouquets all work together to create a true woodland fantasy. We love this fun and whimsical theme and can see it easily incorporated in a  country/barn like atmosphere, a winery, backyard or natural, rustic settings like Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Buttermilk Falls Spa, Apple Farms, Brotherhood Winery, The Haymount House, Mt. Gullian and more!

Fragrant and Fanciful Spring Bridal Bouquet

Spring is a time when we all start to feel alive again. We get excited about the first 60 degree day, a breeze that doesn’t chill us to the bone , the first blade of green grass and the return of sunny days. It’s also the official start of the wedding season here in the Northeast and the blooms that are in season often take center stage. We loved this bridal bouquet for it’s simple, vintage vibe and abundance of texture and seasonal flowers. Delicate blush ranunculus, lush garden roses, peach parrot tulips and white lilacs create this bouquet that surely smells as heavenly as it looks! 


Farewell 2013…You Were Terrific!

Before I move ahead and celebrate a new year I like to have a quiet, little closing ceremony for the year that has just past. I admit I am a little late with this due to traveling and a massive 7 day head cold but here I am. Better late than never:) I reflect on all the highs and lows of my life…work, home, relationships, health, family, friends & fun. I give thanks for all the many blessings my family and I were fortunate enough to receive as well forgiveness for things that were less than fortunate to have to deal with. And then….I release it to make room for the wonderful new year ahead.

As the event industry works 6 months to a year in advance I am very much entrenched in 2014 already. 2013 quickly became a distant memory in November with our last wedding of the year as it’s easy to get caught up in all the hoopla of the upcoming events and keep moving. But lately I have been pouring over that old box of pictures in my head. We’ll call this box “2013’s Wonderful Weddings”.The one that once opened transports me instantly to a place & time of joy and happiness. I think about all of the good times that have been shared and great memories that were made with clients and colleagues in 2013. I see the snapshots of these moments so vividly in my head. They are momentary polaroid’s, snippets & images that I will always cherish.

As we head into 2014 I would like to take a moment to personally thank all of the wonderful clients and esteemed colleagues who have put their trust in us this past year and helped make 2013 such a success.

It has been an honor and a privilege to not only execute your vision and help plan your special event but to truly be a part of your lives. No two parties or weddings are ever the same but the heart of what is important always is. Our celebrations always center around L O V E. That universal life force that is at the epicenter of all that we feel, aspire and hope for in our everyday lives. Our events are always about the L O V E of family, L O V E of friends &
L O V E of life. What a gift.


I wish you all much love, health and happiness in 2014!
Ali B.

2014 Bridal Gown Trend and Vera Wang’s Bold Call to Action

Thanks to the ever so clever, creative & imaginative, goddess of the gown, Ms. Vera Wang, we have a trend for 2014 I am most happy to share. It is officially the year of PINK and tickled we are to highlight it here. Vera has asked us all to experience “pink as sensual, pink as seductive, pink as dreamy, pink as sophisticated, pink as strong, & pink as cool”. Her call to action is simple,”Think Pink!” and we couldn’t agree more.

As you can see we are not talking about blush or even baby pink. It’s not the sort of pink you would find on an adolescent girl skipping giddily off to a birthday party. We are talking about seductive, saturated hues that evoke emotion, scent, & whimsy in the most sophisticated of fashion.

I challenge you this! Think of someone ….anyone that doesn’t look good in some hue of pink. Go ahead. Keep thinking. Ok stop… because you can’t! It’s universally flattering for just about any skin tone and coloring.

Now I would like to say this. There are many brides around the world…especially in the NY metro area who are not 20 something. They are 30 something confidant, professional, chic trend setters that are less than virginal. Yup… I went there. And I went there for a reason. This trend spans that gap. If you are young and innocent…pink can work. If you are  more mature and confident pink can work. If you want something that is as timeless as Grace Kelly but as bold as Gwen Stephanie pink can work. Whether it’s your first marriage , or your third pink can work. If you are having a casual beach wedding or a grand gala affair pink can work. Whether it’s petal pink, rose pink, peony pink, or coral pink.

Yup, you guessed it. Pink can work. So go ahead and think pink!



A Beautiful Burlap Wedding

 Lace, satin, chiffon, and…burlap?  You heard right, burlap may not be a traditional fabric seen in a wedding but burlap details are on trend.  The neutral color works with any color theme, and it creates a DIY feel perfect for a rustic wedding.  Anywhere you would put ribbon or another fabric is a great place to incorporate burlap.  Have fun with it!

Where To Find Inspiration For Your Wedding

Even the most creative people need some assistance when it comes to creating an event.  Ideas and party plans are created once they are inspired by something, and it could be anything!  If you’re stumped on where to start looking for your dream wedding let us help you discover different places to search for that planning mojo.



Fashion is an amazing place to look for colors and décor ideas. It’s perfect for trendy brides who want their wedding to be modern and in style.  This season trends include black and white, lace, and bold stripes.  All are perfectly suited for wedding inspirations, plus it’s a perfect excuse for window shopping or taking time to flip through the latest Vogue.


Pick your favorite season, or most beloved outdoor space and re-create it.  You can choose a winter wonderland, with crystals and a hot cocoa bar.  Think a cozy fall wedding with gold and crisp oranges, reminiscent of the leaves decorating  the ground.
You don’t need a specific season, if colorful peonies fill your imagination have them fill the up the centerpieces.  If an old willow tree makes you want a green and enchanted looking wedding straight out of a story book, go with it!  Nature offers so many gorgeous and creative ideas.

Famous Weddings

If you’re someone who needs more straight-forward wedding like inspiration then how about take a gander at some previous weddings? Celebrity weddings are the best for  this. Do you want a royal affair like the Prince and Duchess of Cambridge or maybe something country like honey boo-boo’s mom June…uhhhh okay we’re hoping you
stick to the first one.  However, that just proves the range of famous weddings you can chose from!


Hop in your private jet and see the world for inspiration… or for most of our budgets just spin the globe and place your finger.  Cities, towns, countries and even buildings can all serve as perfect inspirations for your dream wedding.  How about a romantic wedding that makes all your guests feel as if they’re strolling the streets of Paris?  Get married at a local vineyard for a Tuscan celebration. Throw a New York City wedding, whether
you can be there or not think the Plaza Hotel, horse drawn carriages, and sophisticated


Take a walk around a museum, a piece of art can inspire your weddings mood, or colors.  Perhaps  a statue of a Greek god makes you want a wedding fit for a goddess, I’m imagining pillars, ivory and lots of marble. If that’s not your style maybe Van Gough’s famous starry night gives you the perfect blue and yellow color theme.


You can find inspiration anyplace anywhere!  Keep your mind open and you’ll be amazed at what you may find.

Dreaming of a White Wedding…

“White is not a mere absence of color; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black.”
Chesterton, Gilbert K.

The color white is supposed to represent new beginings, so isn’t it the perfect color for marriage and weddings!? White is normally seen in little details throughout ceremonies and receptions but what about an all out white affair??
All white parties are becoming more and more popular. Most people know the unspoken rule “you can’t wear white to a wedding”. However, now some brides are asking you to go ahead and wear that white dress!

This gorgeous white table decor creates a look that is luxurious, pristine, and even magical.

There are so many little white details to make a gorgeous and affordable white wedding day.

One of the trickier choices may be deciding your bridesmaids’ dresses. You want to stick to your one color theme but still have yourself stand out on your big day.
These are some great styles to chose from to help you do just that!


Beat the Heat with these Cool Summer Wedding Dresses.

Don’t let the summer weather limit your dress selection.  Even if you have a wedding planned for the middle of the season where 90 degrees and humidity are strong possibilities you still have so many options to find a dress that’s unique and ready to keep you cool!

This Jenny Yoo design has chiffon and tulle fabrics that create a perfect pretty yet functional wedding day attire.

 Spaghetti straps, light fabric, and pockets!? This simplistic design is gorgeous and one of the hot new trends. Perfect for beach or garden weddings, just dress it up with a pretty head piece like the model below.  Find this fun gown by Pure MagnoliaCouture at

This is for all our girly-girls looking for their summer princess gown.  Charlotte Balbier designed a gown with the full princess look that’s perfect for warm months.  While the floral details add a soft feminine touch, the one shoulder look keeps fabric minimum at the top to have you looking hot without feeling hot!

 When you’re focusing on light fabrics and simple dresses to keep you from burning up put some of that extra drama and detail in the back! Detailed backs are one of the hottest (or coolest ;)) trends of 2013.  This champagne colored dress by Retro Vintage Weddings is simply breathtaking!

 Or you can always just go backless! Sometimes the less fabric the better right?  This Lihi Hod design incorporates so many elements from the elegant buttons in the back to the textured details all over you don’t need a back on it!

 Don’t forget there is always the option of going short! 2013 brought so many amazing short styles on the runway it makes it hard to decide between long or hemmed wedding dresses. One thing is for sure though, you’re guaranteed to look and feel cool in this adorable design by Lyn Ashworth. 

I Want Candy!

Did you know that June is “National Candy Month”? What better way to celebrate than having a candy themed wedding!? Here we have plenty of ideas that will help you create a candy-wonderland for your guests.

There is always the beloved candy bar where you can fill a table with sweet treats for guests to take home.  This candy bar was at a party by ABE featuring the party girl’s favorite candies!

LOVE this beautiful lollipop accented bouquet for the bride.

Set off the party right by greeting your guests with these lemon drop placement cards.

Have sweets ready to snack and sip on as soon as people sit down.

This candyland theme wedding by Martha Stewert Weddings is elegant and a perfect way to take on the theme without having a candy overload.

Have guests spin their own cotton candy. Delicious and fun!

No wedding would be complete without a cake, continue the theme with a candy decorated confection.

Finally, say your goodbyes in the sweetest way: with some yummy personalized treats.